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This is a list of all known performances by John Medeski, Billy Martin & Chris Wood. Shows below that have a time listed or a link to a source on were recorded. If you have a copy of any show not included here or a show that's not marked with green in the calendar, please email Tom or fill in the details in the form below.

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In the rightmost column, click on the number links to see the etree source records, s to jump to the show description or t to find recent torrents. Shows that are downloadable from the Live Music Archive have 'LMA' links. At the present time, MMW doesn't allow their shows to be hosted on LMA, but a number of shows where they were part of another band or were a guest for a song or more, are hosted there. For a complete list, go to Solo gigs on Live Music Archive.

Ticket stubs, posters & photos from the shows that confirm the date & venue are included below -- Just click on the thumbnails in the Artist column. 205 ticket stubs, 391 posters, 21 photos added, so far... If you have any that aren't listed here, please email Tom. < mmw AT twilightsw DOT com >

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Date Artist Venue Setlist Time Links
3/16/1997MMWElizabethbuhne, Salzburg, AustriaOne Set Only: Henduck > Hermeto's Daydream, Think, Jelly Belly > Drum Solo > Lifeblood, Chinoiserie; Encore: Crosstown Traffic 71:0086541 t s
3/19/1997MMWBlue Note Club, London, EnglandOne Set Only: Organ/Improv Intro > Macha > Wiggly's Way, Beeah, The Lover > Open Improv Intro > Dracula > Henduck, Think, Bubblehouse, Night Marchers, Organ Intro > Jelly Belly > Drum Solo, Bass Solo > Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself, Crosstown Traffic; Encore: Chubb Sub117:01 1592 t t s
3/21/1997MMWVossa Jazz Festival, Stationen Voss, NorwaySet 1: Untitled Original #47 > Sequel, Lonely Avenue, Lifeblood > Chinoiserie; Set 2: Macha, Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps), Jelly Belly > Drum Outro > Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus, Bubblehouse, Friday Afternoon In The Universe > Dracula, Crosstown Traffic; Encore: The Cape Verdean Blues131:1826791 t t s
3/22/1997MMWVossa Jazz Festival, Stationen Voss, NorwaySet 1: Syeeda's Song Flute > Lorts de Fatour, Bass Intro > Henduck, Night Marchers, Caravan, Chubb Sub; Set 2: The Lover > Open Improv > Hermeto's Daydream, Think, Going Home > Where's Sly?, Crosstown Traffic; Encore: Bubblehouse121:4626918 t t t s
4/8/1997MMWUniversity of Arizona, Tucson, AZSet 1: Start/Stop* > Open Improv > Hip Chops*, Disrobe*, Just Like I Pictured It*, Latin Shuffle* > Bass Solo; Set 2: Fast Clicks* > Improv > Open Improv > Nocturne Improv*+ > Everyday People*, Bubblehouse; Encore: Crosstown Traffic; * first known performance; + an embryonic version of the COMBUSTICATION tune, Nocturne114:16 114:1629171 t 87065 t s
4/9/1997MMWElectric Ballroom, Tempe, AZs
4/11/1997MMWThe Ash Grove, Santa Monica, CASet 1: "Down On Me '97 Improv"*, Start/Stop > Hip Chops, Fast Clicks, Just Like I Pictured It, Latin Shuffle; Set 2: "Dysfunctional Ash Groove"+ > Drum Solo, Disrobe, Everyday People, Bubblehouse, Jelly Belly; Encore: Think; * earliest noted recording of the Down On Me melody; + first known performance125:15 78853 t t s
4/12/1997MMWThe Message music festival, Pomona College, The Greek, Claremont, CAOne Set Only: The Lover > Start/Stop > Sequel, Macha > Wiggly's Way, Disrobe; Encore: Bass Solo > Chubb Sub 51:2589030 t s
4/12/1997MMWEl Ray Theater, Los Angeles, CAOne Set Only: Start/Stop > Fast Clicks > Disrobe > Open Improv > Bass Solo > Think, Latin Shuffle, Everyday People, Open Improv/Intro > Night Marchers, Coconut Boogaloo > Drum Solo, Bubblehouse; Encore: Hip Chops; shared bill with Critters Buggin' 101:1989131 t s
4/13/1997MMWBrick by Brick, San Diego, CAOne Set Only: Jelly Belly > Drum Solo, Open Improv > Start/Stop, Organ Intro > Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo, Disrobe, Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus, Fast Clicks, Everyday People, Organ Intro > Bubblehouse; Encore: Lonely Avenue; shared bill with Critters Buggin' 97:4689451 t s
4/14/1997MMWGalaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CAwith Critters Buggins
4/16/1997MMWCrest Theater, Sacramento, CAOne Set Only: Lifeblood > Disrobe, Just Like I Pictured It, Start/Stop > Open Improv > Latin Shuffle, Jelly Belly > Drum Solo > Fast Clicks > Everyday People, Crosstown Traffic; Encore: Chinoiserie 118:5087216 t s
The Fillmore, San Francisco, CAOne Set Only: Latin Shuffle, Disrobe, Just Like I Pictured It, Start/Stop, Hip Chops, "Dysfunctional Ash Groove" > Everyday People, Bubblehouse, Jelly Belly > Drum Solo, Crosstown Traffic; Encore: Chinoiserie; Critters Buggin opened for MMW100:5726952 t t t s
The Fillmore, San Francisco, CAOne Set Only: Just Like I Pictured It, Start/Stop, Fast Clicks, Disrobe > Open Improv > Dracula, Latin Shuffle, Bubblehouse; Encore: Coconut Boogaloo > Everyday People; Critters Buggin opened for MMW88:4526953 t t s
4/19/1997MMWPalookaville, Santa Cruz, CASet 1: "Dysfunctional Ash Groove", Just Like I Pictured It, Open Improv/Intro > Start/Stop, Henduck, Hip Chops; Set 2: Disrobe > Open Improv/Intro > Fast Clicks, Drum Intro > Latin Shuffle (with Bass Solo), Macha > Wiggly's Way, Night Marchers, Pakalolo158:17s
4/20/1997MMWSan Jose State University, Ballroom, San Jose, CA
4/22/1997MMWThe Wild Duck, Eugene, ORSet 1: Just Like I Pictured It, Start/Stop, Latin Shuffle > Coconut Boogaloo > Fast Clicks > Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus; Set 2: Unknown, Lifeblood, Improv > Wiggly's Way, Disrobe, Crosstown Traffic, Everyday People, Chubb Sub; not verifieds
4/23/1997MMWWestern Washington University, Bellingham, WAs
4/24/1997MMWLa Luna, Portland, ORSet 1: Chinoiserie, Start/Stop, Coconut Boogaloo > Open Improv > "Dysfunctional Ash Groove" > Drum Outro, Just Like I Pictured It; Set 2: Bubblehouse, Latin Shuffle, Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus > Friday Afternoon In the Universe > Dracula > Fast Clicks > Disrobe > Bass Solo > Chubb Sub, Open Intro > Night Marchers; Encore: Everyday People145:1983666 t t s
4/25/1997MMWThe Backstage, Seattle, WASet 1: Latin Shuffle, Disrobe > Fast Clicks > Open Improv > Night Marchers, Hip Chops, The Lover; Set 2: Open Improv > Worms, Start/Stop, Crosstown Traffic > Open Improv, Just Like I Pictured It, "Dysfunctional Ash Groove" > Open Improv > Dracula, Bubblehouse, Coconut Boogaloo; Encore: Sequel 130:1989638 t s
4/26/1997MMWThe Backstage, Seattle, WASet 1: Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus, Lifeblood > Think, Start/Stop, "Dysfunctional Ash Groove"# > Just Like I Pictured It#; Set 2: Fast Clicks, Disrobe, Latin Shuffle (with Bass Solo ) > Coconut Boogaloo#*, Everyday People, Crosstown Traffic#*; Encore: Bubblehouse; # with Steve Berlin on baritone sax (from Los Lobos); * with Skerik on tenor sax 142:5188490 t s
5/2/1997MMWContemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LAOne Set Only: Latin Shuffle, Start/Stop, Crosstown Traffic, Disrobe > Drum Solo, Fast Clicks, Just Like I Pictured It, Hip Chops, Bubblehouse; Opened for Bela Fleck & The Flecktones78:21 79:2716209 t 34734 t t -25836- s
Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LAOne Set Only: Sequel, Chinoiserie, Start/Stop, Just Like I Pictured It#, Latin Shuffle#, Coconut Boogaloo > Night Marchers, Everyday People, Bass Solo > Chubb Sub; Encore: Bubblehouse, Disrobe; # with Michael Ray; The Dirty Dozen opened for MMW101:4634735 t t s
5/13/1997MMWThe Armory, Portland, MEOne Set Only: Night Marchers > Latin Shuffle64:15s
5/14/1997MMWOld Lantern Dancehall, Charlotte, VTOne Set Only: Fast Clicks > The Lover > Bubblehouse, Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps), Disrobe > Chubb Sub; Opened for Maceo Parker57:3698997 t s
The Orpheum, Boston, MAOne Set Only: Bubblehouse, Just Like I Pictured It, Latin Shuffle, Disrobe > Drum Solo > Fast Clicks, Coconut Boogaloo; Opened for Maceo Parker63:4085124 t t s
5/17/1997MMWPines Theater, Northampton, MAOpened for Maceo Parkers
5/18/1997MMWPalace Theater, New Haven, CTOne Set Only: Jelly Belly, Unknown > Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself, Latin Shuffle, Crosstown Traffic, Unknown, Unknown, Bubblehouse; Opened for Maceo Parker; not verifieds
5/20/1997MMWStone Balloon, Newark, DE
5/21/1997MMWElectric Factory, Philadelphia, PAOne Set Only: Disrobe > Latin Shuffle > Chubb Sub, Start/Stop > Fast Clicks, Just Like I Pictured It > Chinoiserie, Bubblehouse; Opened for Maceo Parker72:3789654 t s
5/22/1997MMW9:30 Club, Washington, DCwith Maceo Parkers
5/23/1997MMWMillennium Center, Winston-Salem, NCOne Set Only: Think, Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus, Coconut Boogaloo, Chubb Sub, Moti Mo, Disrobe, Bubblehouse, Crosstown Traffic58:3216182 t s
5/24/1997MMWNorthwestern University, Evanston, ILOne Set Only: Start/Stop, Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo, Disrobe > Coconut Boogaloo > Lifeblood > Sequel, Bubblehouse, Macha > Think, Just Like I Pictured It, The Lover > Everyday People, Night Marchers; Encore: Crosstown Traffic106:37 106:35 23960 t 82702 t s
5/27/1997MMWOrensanz Arts Center, New York, NYOne Set Only: Hermeto's Daydream, Hip Chops > Bass Solo > Latin Shuffle, Querencia > Drum Solo52:4318 t s
6/12/1997MMWWXPN 88.5 World Cafe Radio, Tongue And Groove Studios, (Broadcast 7/11/1997), Philadelphia, PAOne Set Only: Interview, Improv > Disrobe, Interview, Latin Shuffle, Interview, Coconut Boogaloo > Everyday People55:208783 t s
6/14/1997MMWCity Stages, Miller Lite Stage, Birmingham, ALOne Set Only: Improv > Wiggly's Way > Disrobe > Drum Solo > Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo > Chubb Sub, Dracula# > Coconut Boogaloo, Night Marchers, Crosstown Traffic; Encore: Bubblehouse; # with Michael Ray; not verifieds
6/21/1997MMWSummerStage, Central Park, New York, NYOne Set Only: Improv > Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps), Hermeto's Daydream, Night Marchers, Coconut Boogaloo, Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo, Disrobe, Bubblehouse63:07 64:06 63:44 8410 89812 t s
6/29/1997MMWSaratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NYOne Set Only: Open > Sequel, Lifeblood > Disrobe > Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo > Drum Solo > Coconut Boogaloo > The Cape Verdean Blues56:45 56:4580109 t t t s
7/4/1997MMWHigh Sierra Music Festival, Bear Valley, CAOne Set Only: Night Marchers, Think, Lifeblood > The Cape Verdean Blues, Just Like I Pictured It > Disrobe, Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo > Chubb Sub; not verifieds
7/18/1997MMWLoDo Music Festival, Denver, CO
7/23/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Sandstone Amphitheatre, Bonner Springs, KS
7/24/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Riverport Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO
7/25/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, INOne Set Only: Open Improv > Hermeto's Daydream > Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps), Jelly Belly, Dracula, Crosstown Traffic37:4326955 t t s
7/27/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, MIOne Set Only: Improv > Night Marchers > Wiggly's Way, Chinoiserie, Bass solo > Chubb Sub not verified
7/29/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Riverbend Amphitheater, Cincinnati, OH
7/30/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, OHOne Set Only: Fast Clicks > Start/Stop, Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo, The Cape Verdean Blues, Lonely Avenue35:0793853 t t s
8/1/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, River's Edge, Somerset, WI
8/2/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
8/3/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, ILOne Set Only: Out Of This World, Just Like I Pictured It, Disrobe, Think, Bubblehouse28:5692742 t t s
8/5/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Vernon Downs, Vernon, NYOne Set Only: Improv > Henduck, Macha > Just Like I Pictured It, Crosstown Traffic33:5213413 t t t s
8/6/1997MMWH.O.R.D.E. Festival, Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, CT
8/11/1997MMWPNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJOne Set Only: Where's Sly?, Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps), Lifeblood, Dracula, Bubblehouse; # with 25 piece orchestra conducted by David Campbell36:34 34:17 35:2425486 25777 t 91466 t s
8/16/1997MMWNewport Jazz Festival, Newport, RIPartial show (Filler on 8/12/2004): Latin Shuffle > Coconut Boogaloo, Interview10:34 10:32 10:3525741 t t s
8/30/1997MMWBumbershoot Festival, Memorial Stadium, Seattle Center, Seattle, WAOne Set Only: Dracula > Worms, Jelly Belly > Drum Solo > Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo > Everyday People > Night Marchers, Bubblehouse 52:3193748 t -19- s
9/6/1997MMWGallup Park, Ann Arbor, MIOne Set Only: Chinoiserie, Lifeblood, Latin Shuffle, Disrobe > Chubb Sub, Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus, Coconut Boogaloo, Night Marchers, Improv, Bubblehouse81:55122462 t s
9/14/1997MMWBurt Bacharach Tribute, Merkin Concert Hall, New York, NYOne Set Only: What The World Needs Now > Do You Know The Way To San Jose, Trains And Boats And Planes, Mexican Divorce20:36 20:3715046 93464 t s
9/16/1997MMWElectric Factory (Private party for MSNBC), Philadelphia, PAs
9/17/1997MMWKnitting Factory (Private party for MSNBC), New York, NY
11/29/1997MMWBAM Opera House, Brooklyn, NYOne Set Only: Improv > Combustication > Start/Stop, Sugar Craft, Coconut Boogaloo, No Ke Ano Ahiahi > Church Of Logic, Just Like I Pictured It, Latin Shuffle, Chubb Sub83:3026251 t s
12/3/1997MMWElectric Factory, Philadelphia, PASet 2: Coconut Boogaloo, Sugar Craft > Improv > Dracula, No Ke Ano Ahiahi, Going Home > This Here, Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo > Worms, Just Like I Pictured It, Bubblehouse; Encore: Chinoiserie104:0093734 t s
12/4/1997MMWCapitol Ballroom, Washington, DCSet 1: Improv > Basso Profondo > Drum Solo > Improv, Naima, Disrobe > Wiggly's Way; Set 2: Start/Stop, Combustication > Just Like I Pictured It, The Cape Verdean Blues, No Ke Ano Ahiahi > Church Of Logic > Drum Solo, Night Marchers, Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo; Encore: Sugar Craft > Chubb Sub137:55 138:53 140:314275 93797 t 6137 s
12/5/1997MMWRitz Theater, Raleigh, NCSet 1: Improv > Going Home > Hip Chops, Macha > Unknown; Set 2: Coconut Boogaloo, Just Like I Pictured It, Sugar Craft > Church Of Logic > Combustication > Everyday People, Think, This Here, Bubblehouse; Encore: No Ke Ano Ahiahi133:213989 t s
12/6/1997MMWTennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TNSet 1: Improv > Basso Profondo > Improv, Big Time, The Cape Verdean Blues; Set 2: Improv* > Combustication > Start/Stop, Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo, Coconut Boogaloo, Just Like I Pictured It, Sugar Craft, No Ke Ano Ahiahi, This Here**, Night Marchers; Encore: Chubb Sub; * with Medeski on house pipe organ (Billy: "You saw it here first.") Show dedicated to the memory of Samurai Celestial; ** Bobby Timmons song139:1826956 t t t s
12/7/1997MMWAtlanta Symphony Hall, Atlanta, GASet 1: Sugar Craft, Dracula, Church Of Logic > Drum Solo, Hip Chops, Lifeblood, Coconut Boogaloo; Set 2: Intro, Start/Stop, Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo, Disrobe, Just Like I Pictured It, No Ke Ano Ahiahi, Bubblehouse; Encore: Macha > Wiggly's Way128:43972 t t t s
12/8/1997MMWFive Points South Music Hall, Birmingham, ALSet 1: Improv > Henduck > Bass Solo, Sugar Craft* > Improv > No Ke Ano Ahiahi; Set 2: Church Of Logic > Coconut Boogaloo, Just Like I Pictured It, Start/Stop > Drum Solo, Jelly Belly > Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo; Encore: Bubblehouse; * with A Night In Tunisia teases in Improv161:2628621 t s

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