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This is a list of all known performances by John Medeski, Billy Martin & Chris Wood. Shows below that have a time listed or a link to a source on were recorded. If you have a copy of any show not included here or a show that's not marked with green in the calendar, please email Tom or fill in the details in the form below.

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In the rightmost column, click on the number links to see the etree source records, s to jump to the show description or t to find recent torrents. Shows that are downloadable from the Live Music Archive have 'LMA' links. At the present time, MMW doesn't allow their shows to be hosted on LMA, but a number of shows where they were part of another band or were a guest for a song or more, are hosted there. For a complete list, go to Solo gigs on Live Music Archive.

Ticket stubs, posters & photos from the shows that confirm the date & venue are included below -- Just click on the thumbnails in the Artist column. 205 ticket stubs, 391 posters, 21 photos added, so far... If you have any that aren't listed here, please email Tom. < mmw AT twilightsw DOT com >

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Date Artist Venue Setlist Time Links
Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, COOne Set Only: Pappy Check > Bass Solo > Ten Dollar High > Uninvisible > Nocturnal Transmission (second section) > Improv# > My Funny Valentine#, The Lover > Beeah, Big Time > Drum Solo; Encore: Chubb Sub#; # with DJ Z-Trip; co-bill with Galactic107:1915815 t s
2/15/2003MMWFillmore Auditorium, Denver, COOne Set Only: Improv > Think > Open Improv > Partido Alto > The Dropper > Jelly Belly > Drum Solo > Start/Stop# > Uninvisible# > Fire# > Smoke; # with DJ Z-Trip; * Group 'Moment of Silence' at the end of the show; co-bill with Galactic87:37 15817 t s
2/28/2003MMWUniversity Of Vermont, Patrick Gymnasium, Burlington, VTOne Set Only: Improv Intro > Pappy Check# > Bass Solo, Ten Dollar High#, Macha > Wiggly's Way > The Lover > Felic > Beeah, Jelly Belly > Drum Solo, Start/Stop# > The Dropper#* > Uninvisible#*; Encore: Spy Kiss#; # with DJ Logic; * with Vernon Reid; Yohimbe Brothers opened for MMW111:0821180 t s
3/8/2003MMWLangerado Music Festival, Fort Lauderdale Stadium, Fort Lauderdale, FLOne Set Only: The Dropper, Coconut Boogaloo# > Start/Stop# > Jelly Belly > Drum Solo > Dracula > Bass'n'Drums > Bass Solo > Ten Dollar High#, Bubblehouse > Uninvisible; # with DJ Le Spam83:5518381 t s
5/31/2003MMWThe Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJOne Set Only: Philly Cheese Blunt > Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus > Start/Stop > Bass Solo > Ten Dollar High, The Lover > Sugar Craft > Spy Kiss > Fire > Smoke, Uninvisible; # with DJ Logic for the entire show76:1321161 t s
6/13/2003MMWHigh Falls Festival Site, Rochester, NYOne Set Only: Open Improv> Improv > Improv > Afro Blue > Bass Solo > Ten Dollar High > Start/Stop, Sugar Craft > Nocturnal Transmission > Organ Outro > Night Marchers > Uninvisible > No Ke Ano Ahiahi; Encore: Swamp Road; # with DJ Logic for the entire show105:32 103:2818330 t t 21174 t -18382- s
Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TNSet 1: Improv > Macha > Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps) > Pappy Check#, Retirement Song#, Partido Alto#*; Set 2: Sequel > The Dropper#+, Ten Dollar High+, Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho > Felic > Fire > Smoke > I Wanna Ride You, Nocturnal Transmission^ > Where's Sly?^, Netsanet#%^ > Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself^, Uninvisible^; Encore: Moti Mo#^; # with Luther Dickenson; * with Cyro Baptista's Beat The Donkey; + with Cyro Baptista; ^ with Antibalas Horn Section; % cover of a song by Ethiopian keyboardist/composer Mulatu Astatqe, from the album "Liberty" (1974); Antibalas Horn Section Intro before Nocturnal Transmission207:21 207:23 214:5718271 t 95476 t -18270- -18331- -21173- s
6/18/2003MMWFleet Boston Pavilion, Boston, MAOne Set Only: Rise Up > Beeah, Coconut Boogaloo#, Your Name Is Snake Anthony#, Legalize It, Pappy Check > Ten Dollar High*, Seven Deadlies*, Afro Blue*, Uninvisible; Encore: Gonzo; # with John Scofield; * with Brahim Fribgane (percussion)132:50 18272 t s
6/26/2003MMWFestival International de Jazz de Montréal (Montreal Jazz Festival), Métropolis, Montréal, Quebec, CanadaOne Set Only: Open Intro# > Down On Me > Henduck > Nocturnal Transmission#*, Percussion Improv > Improv Intro#* > Worms#* > Drum Solo > Drum Intro+ > Toy Dancing+*, I Wanna Ride You#+, Smoke#+, Uninvisible#*+; Encore: Pappy Check#; # with DJ P Love; * with Russell Gunn (trumpet); + with Foday Musa Suso (joins at Drum Intro > Toy Dancing on a junkuran; I Wanna Ride You on a kora; Smoke on a scaled down violin type instrument; Uninvisible on a kora)111:2121163 t s
8/12/2003John MedeskiRopeadope New Music Seminar; DJ Logic, John Medeski & Stanton Moore, Bowery Ballroom, New York, NYSwamp Road, Improv, Improv#, Improv#, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Improv*, Lady* > Improv* > Stanton Moore Drum Solo; # with Skerik; * with Skerik (saxaphonics), Jessica Lurie (sax), Cheme Gastelum (alto sax), Jordan McLean (trumpet), Adam Deitch (drums*, Joe Russo (drums)115:37LMA s
8/19/2003MMWHumphries by the Bay, San Diego, CAOne Set Only: Down On Me, Afro Blue, Beeah, Olde Wyne > Bass Solo, Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself#, Third Stone From The Sun#, Partido Alto#, Uninvisible; Encore: Moti Mo; # with John Scofields
9/5/2003MMWRed Rocks, Morrison, COOne Set Only: Start/Stop > Pappy Check, Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself, Acht O'Clock Rock > Third Stone From The Sun > Fire, Spy Kiss; # with DJ Logic; Opened for String Cheese Incident72:5419517 s
11/6/2003MMWLupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RIOne Set Only: Queen Bee#, "Bounce Bitch", Blue Pepper > Improv > Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps), Drum Solo > Whiney Bitches, Fire, Uninvisible; Encore: Bloody Oil > Ten Dollar High; # with Marshall Allen98:10 21168 t -21169- s

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