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This is a list of all known performances by John Medeski, Billy Martin & Chris Wood. Shows below that have a time listed or a link to a source on were recorded. If you have a copy of any show not included here or a show that's not marked with green in the calendar, please email Tom or fill in the details in the form below.

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In the rightmost column, click on the number links to see the etree source records, s to jump to the show description or t to find recent torrents. Shows that are downloadable from the Live Music Archive have 'LMA' links. At the present time, MMW doesn't allow their shows to be hosted on LMA, but a number of shows where they were part of another band or were a guest for a song or more, are hosted there. For a complete list, go to Solo gigs on Live Music Archive.

Ticket stubs, posters & photos from the shows that confirm the date & venue are included below -- Just click on the thumbnails in the Artist column. 205 ticket stubs, 391 posters, 21 photos added, so far... If you have any that aren't listed here, please email Tom. < mmw AT twilightsw DOT com >

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Date Artist Venue Setlist Time Links
2/10/2009Billy MartinMarco Benevento & Two Drummers and A Saxophonist, Yoshi's, Oakland, CAMarco Benevento (Steinway Grand piano, keyboard bass, effects), Billy Martin (drums, percussion), G. Calvin Weston (drums) & Skerik (tenor saxophone); Early Show: Untitled, Untitled, Cloudwebs; Late Show: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown*; * with Reed Mathis (bass)62:12 76:36t t t
3/20/2009Billy MartinTremble and Quake - Wu Fei with Billy Martin, Roulette, New York, NY
6/10/2009John Medeski & Billy MartinRopeadope 10th Anniversary - A Benefit For Scotty Hard, Sullivan Hall, New York, NYwith John Medeski, Billy Martin, Charlie Hunter, Big Sam & John Ellis
11/6/2009John Medeski & Billy MartinHum, The Stone, New York, NYJohn Medeski, Calvin Weston, Billy Martin & Marc Ribot
11/10/2009Billy MartinMystery Riddim, The Stone, New York, NYShahzad Ismaily (guitars, moog/electronics), Kato Hideki (bass/electronics), Jed Koziner, Steve Honoshowsky & Ronald Stockwell (percussion) & Billy Martin (drums, percussion)
12/16/2009Billy MartinBilly Martin & Calvin Weston, Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

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