Additional Phoenix Luhrs Information

The information on this page was derived from notes and newspaper articles previously part of Albert W. Luhrs' genealogy "library". Albert Weigand Luhrs, (1898-1987), was the son of Ernst A. Luhrs, b. 1864, 10th generation of the Marschkamp/Ottersberg Branch.

The following was scanned from some notes taken on Hotel Luhrs stationary by Albert W. Luhrs when he visited and interviewed George H. N. Luhrs around 1919. George H. N. Luhrs, b. 1847 in Neuhaus, Germany, emmigrated to the U.S in 1867 and later settled in Phoenix.

 Hotel Luhrs letterhead

From the "Arthur C. Luhrs is dead at 91; business leader and hotelier" article, printed in the The Arizona Republic on June 24, 1975.

 Arthur C. Luhrs

From the "Luhrs' shadows fall on park" article, Jan. 18, 1976, The Arizona Republic

 Phoenix Park 1976

From an article titled "Luhrs sells 6 holdings in city, including Arizona's oldest hotel", Nov. 17, 1976,The Arizona Republic:

 Luhrs Building

From a similar article printed in The Phoenix Gazette on Nov. 18, 1976, "Canadians Reportedly Buy Luhrs' Phoenix Property"

 Phoenix Luhrs Complex

John Luhrs, Allen Luhrs (sons of Arthur Luhrs), the retiring George Luhrs (brother of Arthur) and Mrs. Milton Crane (daughter of Emma Luhrs Stroud) are shown in this photo, from the "Retirement brings challenge to downtown developer Luhrs" article, printed in The Arizona Republic on Mar. 13, 1977.

 Phoenix Luhrs Family

A 1979 photo of the Luhrs hotel was part of the April 27, 1979, The Phoenix Gazette "Luhrs Hotel Sold; $6 Million Set for Refurbishing" article.

 Luhrs Hotel

A 1980 photo of the Luhrs Office building was part of a Jan. 25, 1980, article "$6 Million deal is finalized in Luhrs office building sale" in The Arizona Republic. (TBS ... summary of article information???)

 Luhrs Office Building

On December 10, 2000, The Arizona Republic contained an article, "Luhrs architectural allure continues to stand tall", which contained the following photos:

 Luhrs Tower      Luhrs Tower details

 Arthur C. Luhrs

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