Technical Support

Having a problem with our software? Not quite sure why something's happening?

First, read the DiskSurveyor ReadMe file that came with DiskSurveyor. If you're missing this file, download the entire DiskSurveyor package.

Next, try looking at the DiskSurveyor FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the answer.

If you still don't have your answer, contact us.

Trying to figure out how to register your copy of DiskSurveyor?

There are 3 easy ways:

If you're missing either of these files, download the entire DiskSurveyor package.

Lost your registration code?

E-mail the name under which you are registered with the subject: "Lost Registration".

How To Contact Us

Please let us know, if you have any questions, suggestions for improvement, or bugs to report.

If you're reporting something that you think is a problem, please make sure it isn't already covered in the DiskSurveyor ReadMe file or in the DiskSurveyor FAQ.


About TwiLight Software

Started in 1979, TwiLight Software has developed a number of commercial games for the Apple ][ computer, and has been producing Macintosh shareware since 1996.

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